©Shun Ikezoe

   designed by Eri Saito







By the time you wake up, they might be gone—


For me, “mother” means my grandmother, who raised me with undying affection. This is the story of her meeting and separation from her true love, which she told me for the first time.





We see a woman lying down. She awakens from a dream of a festival she visited in her youth to a scene that feels familiar. Remniscing on her first love, her marriage, giving birth, and meeting the love of her life, she wanders for a while. Was the place she met him again a dream, or was it Heaven? Was the one she met her first love, or the love of her life? This is a story about love, and about one woman.


Super8 Kodak Tri-x Reversal Film, 14'30'', B&W, sound, 2020

Cast / Yukino Murakami / Shinya Ueno

Monologue / Teiko Ikezoe / Yukino Murakami

Music / duenn

Sound design / Takuya Kawakami

Cinematography / Shin Yonekura / Shun Ikezoe

Director / Shun Ikezoe