Filmmaker / Director

Shun Ikezoe




現代地方譚8  おちこちのひびき

会期:2021年1月23日(土)- 2月21日(日) 10:00~17:00  *月曜日休館


参加作家:池添俊, KOMAKUS, 松田唯, 工藤夏海, 佐々瞬, モンデンエミコ, 山根一晃 他




Filmmaker / Director
池添 俊

Shun Ikezoe



Shun Ikezoe was born in 1988. He is a freelance digital filmmaker while making 8mm films as an independent filmmaker. He looks for new cinematic expression across media. His first film Jujuba (2018), about his life with his Chinese stepmother, received Special Mention at the 12th Glasgow Short Film Festival and won the Excellence Award at Image Forum Festival 2018 East Asian Experimental Competition. The film has been screened at national and international film festivals, including the 43rd Hong Kong International Film Festival (2019) and Nippon Connection (2019). See you in my dreams (2020) is his second short film.


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