Check Artist's Instagram!  He has released a short footage shot with 8mm film while staying his home due to the spread of COVID-19.

    #covid19_diary  @shun_ikezoe


Filmmaker / Director
池添 俊

Shun Ikezoe



Born 1988, he films short films on 8mm while working freelance in the digital video industry. He is trying new methods of moving picture expression that cross media boundaries. His first film “Jujuba” (2018), about his life with his Chinese stepmother, received Special Mention at The 12th Glasgow Short Film Festival and Award for Excellence at Image Forum Festival 2018 East Asian Experimental Competition. It has also been shown at Japanese and overseas film festivals such as The 43rd Hong Kong International Film Festival (2019) and The 40th Pia Film Festival (2018). "Beyond" is his second short film.


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