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 What is it that you said?


Director's Statement

2020年4月7日 日本では一度目の緊急事態宣言が出た。町から人が消え 映画館も美術館も閉まった。世界で何が起きても、あなたやわたしの存在は変わらない。正しく相手のことを認識してさえいれば、ある程度は正気を保つことができるはずだ。それは例えば、誰かが病院で眠ったままになっていても、近所の猫が天国に行ってしまっても同じことだ。思い出は記憶の中で鮮明に生き続ける。それは時に誇張したイメージに進化することもあるが、自分の大切なものは、自分の中だけで進化を遂げる。それはこの世に存在していなくとも同じで、祈りのようなものに近いと思う。イメージの世界に身を任せて、この世界に必要なのは想像力だ。隣人や他人、同居人に対する愛も全て含めて。

On April 7, 2020, the first state of emergency was declared in Japan. People disappeared from the streets and movie theaters and museums closed their doors. Whatever happens in the world around us, the existence of you and I remain unchanged. As long as we can recognize each other correctly, we should be able to maintain our sanity to some extent. It doesn't matter if someone is still asleep in the hospital, or if the neighbor's cat has gone to heaven. Memories live on vividly in our memories. Sometimes they can evolve into exaggerated images, but what is important to me will continue to evolve inside of me. It's the same even if they don't exist in this world. I think it's almost like a prayer. Surrendering myself to the world of images―what this world needs is imagination! Including all the love we have for our neighbors, strangers, and partners.



On March 28, 2020, the Governor of Tokyo told us to, "Refrain from going out unnecessarily," and I had to cancel a scheduled shoot. The next day, snow fell unseasonably and within a few days there was no trace of it. Two years ago, my mother went into a deep slumber and has not yet woken up from her dreams. The Chinese man across the street is dreaming and shouting again tonight. My apartment became the center of my universe and I fought more with my girlfriend who lives with me. I rolled my camera and listened to the sounds around me. I heard the words that came from the faraway you and the nearby you. What is it that you said?


8mm / 16mm film, 20min, color, 5.1ch, 2021

Cast / Eri Saito

Cinematography / Shun Ikezoe

Sound design / Izumi Matsuno

Text / Eri Saito

Music / Lorenz Weber

Editing / Shun Ikezoe

Producer / Aiko Masubuchi

Title Design / Riku Hoshika

Subtitle / Hazuki Kamijo / Sijia Luo / Shu Geizen

Director / Shun Ikezoe

あなたはそこでなんて言ったの? _ 池添俊_B.jpg

Poster design by Riku Hoshika



第14回 恵比寿映像祭 - 東京都写真美術館(東京)


第36回 ベルフォール国際映画祭 - Belfort Pathé Cinema ショートフィルムコンペティション部門(ベルフォール・フランス)

第5回 Black Canvas 映画祭 ショートフィルムコンペティション部門(メキシコ)

第59回 ニューヨーク映画祭 Currents部門(ニューヨーク・アメリカ)

14th Yebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions 2022, Tokyo Photographic Art Museum (Tokyo)

36th ENTREVUES - Festival international du film de Belfort, International Short Film Competition (Belfort, France) 
5th Black Canvas Film Festival, International Short Film Competition (Mexico) 
59th New York Film Festival, Currents, Film at Lincoln Center (New York, USA) 
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